Gedling Village Parks

Gedling Village, is fortunate to be surrounded by open spaces and local parks.

The large Country Park on the site of the old Colliery, is just one of the beautiful parks around the village.

Hidden away in the “old village” is the lovely Willow Park. A smaller picturesque green open space, with the stream ( the Ouse Dyke), running through it. This is the site of the annual Gedling Village Gala. Situated between Jessops Lane and Willow Lane, this park is probably only known to local residents, as it can not be viewed from the passing main road.


Gedling Woods is another hidden gem. Situated off Wood Lane, approximately a mile from the main Gedling Country Park, this quieter more secluded section of Woodland is popular with dog walkers. Officially called Gedling House Woods and Meadows, this woodland is more accessible than the woods near the Country Park.

When it comes to ball games and wider open spaces, Gedling Village has other parks separated by Lambley Lane. On the right as you head up Lambley Lane is the cricket field with the cricket hut, and lower down is the children’s playground. On the left of Lambley next to the adjoining car park is the Football fields, skateboard ramp and basketball court. Used regularly during the football season, this park also has an area popular with dog walkers. It also provides access to the main Country Park via the Lower Lagoons.


Add the various Public footpaths, heading from the village in different directions, to nearby Burton Joyce, Lambley and Woodborough through open Countryside, the residents of Gedling Village have no excuse not to get out in the fresh air.

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